Heating Services

Combi/ system Boiler £50.00
Gas Fire £50.00
Gas Fire & Back Boiler £70.00
Back Boiler £50.00
Cooker £45.00
New high efficiency condensing boiler £50.00
Additional applience £20.00

Multiple appliances when serviced together

First appliance as per list above £50.00
Second appliance £20.00
Landlord’s CP12 Gas Safety Check £50.00

Landlord Certificates

Annual service & safety check up to 3 appliances £90.00
Combi/ system Boiler £50.00
Gas Fire £50.00
Gas Fire/Back Boiler £70.00
Back Boiler £50.00
Cooker £45.00
Additional appliance £20.00

Power Flushing

Power Flushing Price Extra
1-10 Radiators £350.00 Fittings
Each extra radiator £20.00 Fittings

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

1-10 Radiators £35.00
Each extra radiator £2.00
  • We can arrange with the Landlord and/or tenants to ensure a suitable time to fit in with your requirement.
  • For vacant properties we can arrange to collect and return keys.